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Peace Activist / Motivational Speaker


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Click to learn more about the Free Hugs Project Founder; Motivational Speaker and Business Keynote Speaker – Ken E. Nwadike, Jr. – Wikipedia

Ken E. Nwadike, Jr., is one of the nation’s top motivational speakers for colleges and universities. He has spoken at hundreds of schools and business conferences, inspiring students and professional groups of all ages to be the change that they wish to see in society. Best known for his viral videos on Facebook and Youtube, which have reached hundreds of millions of views, during Ken’s keynote speeches, he inspires students, educators, and business professionals to make a positive impact in their schools, workplace, and community. Nwadike Jr., has been featured on CNN, FOX, New York Times, Boston Globe, San Diego Union-Tribune, Buzzfeed, NBC, USA Today, and many other major news sites.

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